The last group of pieces for the Brewery Arts exhibition are in the bisque firing; a good glaze firing came out last night, and we have sent off the invitations for the launch event on 14th March.

This sequence shows the layers of slip and drawing gradually building up the image on each piece. I need to remember what is underneath so often photograph each layer on my phone and document all in a journal. These pieces will be glazed tomorrow.

In this final group, I have pulled together some of the ideas from the earlier pieces – assemblies of hooks and slings supporting plates, spoons or simple drawings. The two-part construction offers me an opportunity to think about places in alternative ways – an old tree surviving in a new orchard, a pylon or water tower imposing on a rural place – essential to us, and beautiful in their own right. But take down the plate or attachment and the place is there without its ‘imposition’.

These are new ideas. I hope I’ll be able talk more articulately about them by the time I talk about them at the Tour of the Exhibition on 28th March.

We have arranged an informal opening event for the show – Brewery Arts don’t offer a Private View as ‘no-one ever comes’.  There will be tea’ coffee and cake, and the bar and cafe will be open.  Maggie Barnes, my some-time mentor during this project, has sent out a beautiful email to her contacts. I’d have been far too modest to write such things, but include it here as it’s already out there.

Launch Event 2015 – Maggie Barnes. Thanks, Maggie.