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As well as the Youth Arts workshops, in the past month I have also run a community day ( Flock), a 3 day platter workshop at West Dean College and a one day platter workshop at Brewery Arts.

and I love being able to give sharp knives to small children.

The birds looked spectacular as part of the Brewery Arts ‘Migration’ project.

Next up was West Dean, hard on the heels of Ceramic Art London

pw10pw11pw12and a week after this 10 women on a one day course – lively and just on the right side of chaotic.

I am especially excited by the way that the students in both these groups have taken my techniques and flown with them into their own areas of interest.

And now, after a week sorting everything out, I’m back to making


It is now May, the exhibition has finished and has all been put away, and I now realise that I didn’t do a post about it. To see the pieces, look at the exhibition gallery above.

Richard Foster, of Brewery Arts, wrote today:

“The exhibition was of immense value to the Brewery. It extended the range of art forms we exhibit and therefore piqued the interest of our audience.  However the work also challenged the curatorial team in terms of display and allowed us to offer a wide range of workshops for young people and adults. I think the Visual Arts team consider this one of their most successful exhibitions to date.”

There was an exciting response to my new pieces and good sales too.





Pippa and me


Looking ahead to the summer, we had a ‘meeting’ at Rushbank, the new home of artist Bridget Tempest, where we (Bridget, David Thomas, Joan and Chris Murray and myself) will be exhibiting for North Yorks Open Studios in June. I spent a number of hours drawing up around Bridget’s last house, Gawthorpe, last year and  her new place, set high above Carleton and hanging on the very edge of a vast open moor, has a similar sense of wild space that I can’t wait to explore. I find that juxtaposition between farmland and wilderness very exciting. As soon as this project is over and the weather brightens up a bit I’ll be up there soaking up the spirit of the place.

Bridget is angry about new farming methods on the adjacent land, where sheep have been introduced and the habitat for the moorland birds – curlew, snipe, lapwings and wheatears – is being degraded.


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