Looking ahead to the summer, we had a ‘meeting’ at Rushbank, the new home of artist Bridget Tempest, where we (Bridget, David Thomas, Joan and Chris Murray and myself) will be exhibiting for North Yorks Open Studios in June. I spent a number of hours drawing up around Bridget’s last house, Gawthorpe, last year and  her new place, set high above Carleton and hanging on the very edge of a vast open moor, has a similar sense of wild space that I can’t wait to explore. I find that juxtaposition between farmland and wilderness very exciting. As soon as this project is over and the weather brightens up a bit I’ll be up there soaking up the spirit of the place.

Bridget is angry about new farming methods on the adjacent land, where sheep have been introduced and the habitat for the moorland birds – curlew, snipe, lapwings and wheatears – is being degraded.